Client Love

Your attention to details and personalization made the travel event amazing! 

Kimberly Smith

Everything aspect of for my Mother's 80th Birthday Celebration in Punta Cana was outstanding!

Johnnie P.

OMG You didn't tell me I was getting Butler Service! From the Coconut Cocktail when I arrived to the Butler Service my entire stay, my vacation was AHMAZING!!! 

Donner Martin

Upcoming Travel Experiences

Escape to NOLA 2019

New Orleans has been the home of The Essence Festival for the past 25 years in 2019.  Each year the Essence Festival draws thousands of people and generates thousands of dollars for the New Orleans city. 2019 marks the 25th Year of the Essence Festival.

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Magical Morocco

A Curated Magical Travel Experience in the Imperial Cities of Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, and Casablanca! Imagine yourself exploring the Labyrinth maze of the streets of the walled cities. Taking a Journey to Marrakech the Southern Pearl of Morocco. Marrakech is the place to enjoy Fresh Fruits, Mounds of Spices that feel the air with fresh smelling aromas.

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Sag Birthday Bash 2019

Join Us and along with all Your Sagittarius friends in Riviera Maya, Cancun!! Whether you are celebrating the BIG 60 or you are celebration another Sagittarius Milestone Birthday, IT”S YOUR BIRTHDAY SEASON and YOU need to be no other place than with all of us at the Sag Birthday Bash 2019 an Unforgettable Party Remember…